Heir of the Promise: Carlos


To read Carlos’ full story scroll down and click on the description tab. Each “Heir of the Promise” is not sold but adopted.  Why?  Because of their uniqueness and rarity.  Carlos is a Limited Edition doll that is approximately 15 inches tall with black hair and go-tee.  He comes with a display stand and an “Heir of the Promise” Commemorative Certificate of Authenticity.

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Hi!  I’m Carlos and this is my story.

When I was a little boy I spent a lot of time with our next door neighbor. He was a lot of fun at first.  We would play video games, eat candy and race with my favorite cars on the amazing track we built in his basement.  Well one day he showed me a new game.  One that wasn’t fun at all.  He raped me and continued to do so until I reached middle school.  I wanted to tell my parents but he said he would kill them and me if I ever told anybody about our “special time.” Because of fear and feeling like I asked for this, I didn’t tell anyone about my childhood for years.

As a result I came to believe I was homosexual and lived that life style for more than a decade.  Confused about my sexuality until God in Christ changed my life, I learned that as a Son of God I am not bound to the horrors of my past. By His grace and help from my brothers and sisters in Christ I was able to tell my parents what happened to me as a little boy and I released the guilt and shame it caused. Now I know who I am and who God created me to be.  A man after God’s own heart; living my life holy.

Carlos comes with a display stand and an ‘Heir of the Promise’ Commemorative Certificate of Authenticity.

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