Hi and welcome to my world. The place where I go to relax, unwind and design in Cloretta’s Creations!

There are three lines in Cloretta’s Creations they are Heirs of the Promise, CC’s Prayer Pillows and Clo-Clo’s Creativity. Each of these marvelously hand crafted originals are as diverse and unique as you and me.


RosettaHeirs of the Promise   is a diversified line of dolls for men, women, boys and girls.  Each is a collector’s item where no two are made precisely the same and each has a story to tell of hope and joy, of faith and forgiveness; tales of our Kingdom Inheritance as joint-heirs with Christ. These unrivaled collectibles are rare and come with an Heir of the Promise Commemorative Certificate of Authenticity. — For more information on how to obtain your Heir of the Promise. Click Here to visit our Online Store today!


ppNewLifeP.U.S.H. Pillows: These beautiful pillows have the emblem of the cross and a special “prayer request pocket” to place your fondest prayers in for yourself or for someone else.  What greater gift can we give to our loved ones and our enemies than to pray for the will of God to be made manifest in their lives.- – Click Here to order yours today!


Clo-Clo’s Creativity is, well simply put, everything else; special requests from blankets to footballs.

I hope you find much joy and pleasure in the ownership of one or more of these uniquely and wonderfully made conceptions otherwise known as Cloretta’s Creations!